Being an RLUG

An RLUG is a Registered LEGO® Users Group.

The relationship for an RLUG is managed by their appointed LEGO Ambassador.

This means the group has been accepted by LEGO® as a recognised user group and as such we have met their registration criteria and will play by their rules (Fair Play).

Fair Play

As part of an RLUG and to recieve benefits we expect our members to play by the LEGO® Fair Play Policy. We respect their Brand and their intellectual property.

LUG and Show Support

It also means LEGO® may be provide support for our shows and events if we maintain the required standards.

A large part of the support program is based around AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego) to assist with running shows and building "My Own Creations" (MOCs).

Support in the past includes providing things like


A RLUG we can join the bulk order program (LUGBulk), which runs once each year. It provides AFOL members to purchase bulk supplies from a defined parts list at a more friendly rate to assist with building MOCs.

Special Builds

We also have an opportunity to apply for special build support for LUG supported projects. These projects are normally for the purposes of creating large "My Own Creations" (MOCs) from at least 25,000 pieces for the purpose of displaying to the public. They are voted on by the LUG to show they have the support of the LUG and are subject to being approved by LEGO®


These support programs have some limitation requirements. The main being most support recieved, especially anything free, cannot be resold.

In LUG 4x2 we really appreciate LEGO® providing these programs, so if you are one of our members or are considering becoming one, remember Fair Play and respect.